We would like to show you a selection of our premises in the area. As needed, further creative rooms are at your disposal (studios of artists, furnished loft apartments and outdoor facilities such as the courtyard of the old spinning mill).



dinner: up to 150 people
with terrace: up to 200 people
aperitif: up to 200 people

wine cellar and bar available


aperitif: up to 150 people
dinner: up to 90 people

Bar and stage with stereo available


aperitif: up to 25 people
dinner: up to 18 people


sagi rail-terrace

aperitif: up to 50 people
dinner: up to 30 people


sagi platform at the lake

aperitif: up to 90 people
dinner: up to 50 people
Ceremony: up to 60 people

in addition to the sagibeiz and the sagisteg for the aperitif


sagi platform covered

aperitif: up to 50 people
dinner: up to 25 people

Event venue

seminar: up to 250 people
concert: up to 250 people
aperitif: up to 250 people

dinner: up to 250 people

Loftsuite B 5.3

block (Tafel): up to 16 people

suitable for cooking event, catering


U-shape: up to 34 people
Block: up to 36 people
Seminar: up to 48 people
Concert: up to 50 people


Dinner: max 10 persons

A disused cable car has found a quite new regulation at the lake: the cozy private room can be used exclusive.


Event Hall

Seminar: up to 250 people
Concert: up to 250 people
Apéro: up to 250 people
Dinner: up to 250 people

Partition wall (2 areas possible), Screen 5m x 7m, Beamer, Group/Break room, Natural Light (Skylights), sanitation, high performance ventilation, good acoustics, photographic art

Event Hall: 18m x 35m, 630 m²
Lounge: 5.6m x 19m, 106 m²


U-Shape: up to 25 Persons
Block: up to 20 Persons
Seminar: up to 40 Persons
Concert: up to 60 Persons

Natural light, can be darkened, seperate entrance and exit, window front, sanitation

Auditorium: 6.9m x 26.9m, 186 m²


U-Shape: up to 27 Persons
Block: up to 30 Persons
Seminar: up to 24 Persons
Concert: up to 40 Persons

Natural light, can be darkened, separate entrance and exit, 2 big glass doors to the outdoor area, Black- and Whiteboards

Fitness: 4m x 10m, 40 m²


U-Shape: up to 34 Persons
Block: up to 36 Persons
Seminar: up to 48 Persons
Concert: up to 50 Persons

indirect natural light, can be darkened

Gallery: 4.5m x 16m, 72 m²


U-Shape: up to 15 Persons
Block: up to 18 Persons
Seminar: up to 18 Persons
Concert: up to 24 Persons

indirect natural light, can be darkened, 2 windows, Black- und Whiteboards

Seminar: 4.5m x 8m, 36 m²

Loftsuite B 5.3

Block (Table): up to 16 Persons

Natural light, can be darkened, balcony, generous living area with bench, kitchen and pool table, several windows

Loftsuite B 5.3: ca. 330 m²

sagisteg directly at the lake (ideal in combination with team events at the lake)

Seminar: up to 60 Persons
Concert: up to 100 Persons
Apéro: up to 150 Persons
Dinner: up to 90 Persons

Natural light, can be darkened, with possibility to use platform directly at the lake, screen, beamer, stage, sound system, microphone etc.

Meeting Room

Block: up to 4 Persons

square table with 4 chairs, natural light

Meeting: 3.5m x 3.5m, 12 m²

seminar at the lake

An additional room next to the sagisteg is planed.



The lofthotel is part of the converted old spinning mill Murg and located within a few minutes walk from the idyllic Walensee. The Design- and Lifestylehotel*** Superior offers generous loft rooms, unique suites, fancy biker lofts as well as furnished apartments and bright seminar rooms. Besides many extraordinary recreational activities, the lofthotel offers wellness with a lake and mountain view, fitness, personal training, massage, floating, tennis and much more.

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