When selecting our suppliers, we invest a lot of time and care, because their products are the foundation of our business. Short delivery distances, an organic-natural cultivation and thus of course the traceability of the product's origin, are very important to us. Subsequently we present you some of our most important suppliers:


Spice sommelier Tina Hauser innovates the food industry and develops unique recipes! For example, the Starpowder and the Red Wine Salt. Both special salts made from local products, which are also available for purchase in the sagibeiz. Especially suitable as an exclusive, regional gift.

If you would like to immerse yourself in the world of spices and their composition, we recommend a sensory workshop with Tina Hauser, a unique taste experience. Can also be booked through the lofthotel.

Cassani Rüegg Butchery

Flavio Cassani and Sven Rüegg are two young, determined men with the basic idea of sustainability. With them, the majority of the meat they sell is from animals that they source from select farmers and slaughter themselves.

Since September 2019, they have taken over the butchery (at Quartnerstrasse 19) and are constantly working on its quality, so that customers can buy and enjoy meat with complete satisfaction and a clear conscience.

Fisherman on the lake Walensee

Hanspeter Gubser works as a professional fisherman for more than 12 years. Parts of his fresh catches he brings directly to the sagibeiz kitchen. There the fishes are processed into authentic, honest dishes.

Trout farm Schwendi

Surrounded by the impressive mountains of the Weisstannental there is a small pond with fresh mountain water. For many years the sagibeiz gets its delicious trouts from Meinrad and Esther Gmür-Bachmann. They also have a cozy fishing snuggery and a big room for different events.

more about the Forellenzucht Schwendi

Traitafina AG

Traitafina AG, the family business from Lenzburg, is a modern, dynamic food manufacturer with a wide range of services. They have many years of experience in the meat and catering products sector. In their production plant, quality-conscious and fresh processing of raw materials is the top priority.

"SwissPrimGourmet" is more than "just" meat and is worthwhile for us in many ways. The certainty of enjoying a product that is not only unique in taste, but also traceable in all facets with regard to origin, rearing, feeding, transport, processing, storage and traceability, brings exactly this honesty that we expect nowadays."

Bonetti Gourmet Pasta Manufaktur

Since 1992, the Bad Ragaz family business has been producing the finest pasta specialties. They combine modern and traditional values in their manufacturing process, using only the highest quality ingredients. This is the only way they can produce products of premium quality. Especially for the sagibeiz they create the finest seasonal ravioli, which you will find on our menu for years.

Oil and choscht bar

In the old spinning mill we not only found "the place" but also the ideal place for a small, fine speciality shop. There you can buy olive oil, of course, and also our Sicilian delicacies from Tasting Sicily - everything from our own production in Sicily. Our speciality is the freshly pressed olive oil - the "Mosto" - directly from the olive mill, available from November to January. Throughout the year, we offer fresh oranges and lemons, Sicilian oregano, dried tomatoes and tomato sugo from the new harvest, aceto, lemon oil... and everything else the island has to offer.

The oil and choscht bar is open every Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and also supplies sagibeiz and lofthotel directly. Orders from our online shop are sent by post in the ingenious Emba-Flex box to anywhere in Switzerland -


It is already the third generation of the family Danner that manages the Marchhof, which is located between Flums and Sargans, very close to Murg. As a result of the advanced milk economy and the right equipement for further processing, the Marchhof fulfills the very high quality requirements for gastronomy as well. We are glad to receive our milk, eggs and other milk products of high quality from this local farm and keep the distance of delivery short.

more about Marchhof

azibene Lieferant - Marchhof


Natural produced dairy products. Our cheese, the alp butter and other specialities come directly from the Tannenbodenalp to the lake. If you want to make some cheese by yourself, we can organise this interesting experience for you. The products are also sold on the go in the Sennenstube for your own consumption or as presents.

more about Sennenstube 


sagibeiz Lieferanten - sennästube Käseproduktion


There are so many wedding photographers that it's easy to lose track. We team up with photographer Aline Gerber. Her open, cheerful and uncomplicated manner has convinced us. She works unobtrusively and with a lot of ease and a pinch of humor. With her many years of experience in weddings and "people photography", she also playfully helps camera-shy couples through the photo session. Her photography style is natural and authentic and we really like that.



As a wedding DJ Roland Whiteside Wyss belongs with over 700 weddings to the most booked wedding DJ s in Switzerland. His references are 100s of Youtube wedding videos which give a direct insight into his work. Carmen Sandra (Alvarez) Wyss is booked as a wedding speaker throughout Switzerland and in the summer months regularly on Ibiza. In addition to being a wedding speaker, she can also be booked as a wedding Djane under the name Carmen de Alvarez. Why not have a Djane for your big and unique event?


Videofoto Feusi

About us: We meet our bridal couples on a friendly basis and capture their big day as naturally as it happens. We don't just want to capture the wedding photographically, we want to tell a story with our wedding coverage. At weddings, there are always two of us on location. Erick will concentrate on the video and I myself will accompany the wedding photographically. We would like to offer bridal couples, who book their wedding with us through you, a free engagement shoot.
Tel: 076 349 79 97



Unique floral decorations for unique bridal couples. The blumenkind accompanies every wedding from the handmade sketch to the final flower placed in the ballroom. Comprehensive advice and reliable execution are a matter of course. No wish remains unfulfilled. With a pronounced attention to detail, the blumenkind promises uniqueness. Our Sagibeiz bridal couples also benefit from discounts on floral decorations. We will be happy to advise you!

sagibeiz herb garden

In our in-house herb garden on the rail terrace we grow a variety of fresh herbs. These herbs apply the finishing touch to the dishes at the sagibeiz.

sagibeiz Lieferant - Kräutergarten

CasaNova Wein Pur

Achtsamer Umgang mit der Natur: Die Qualität des Weines entsteht im Weinberg in der Hinwendung zur Natur. Das aus ihrem Ort heraus entwickelte Schöne und Verführerische wird charakteristisch und vielfältig in ihre Weinen umgesetzt.

Mehr zu CasaNova Wein Pur

von Salis AG, Bündner wine producer & merchant

Wine is loved and lived at the von Salis AG. The company, founded in 1994 by Andrea Davaz and two of her friends, employs more than 20 people in Landquart and the vinothek in Maienfeld. They cultivate around two hectares of their own vines in the Graubünden. In addition, more than 80 vinefarmers in the region deliver their grapes to the von Salis AG, where they are pressed into wine with a lot of experience, sense of tradition and finesse. Also a lot of innovative ideas find their ways, so that you can frequently enjoy some surprises from the house of von Salis AG, next to the proven traditional products.

more about von Salis



Felix & Eugen Bärtsch, winery and distillery

The winery Bärtsch was founded in 1932 and is located in Mels, whereanother exciting conversion project of a textile mill is taking place. Today the bussines is managed by Felix & Eugen Bärtsch, the third generation. A lot of experience is required to maintain the vineyard. The windy climate allows a harvest of high quality, which is then processed with a lot of knowledge to quality wines full of strength and harmony.

more about Felix & Eugen Bärtsch

sagibeiz Lieferanten - Bärtsch Weine


When we were looking out for a local beer supplier in 2002, we came across the Adlerbräu in Schwanden, the last activ brewery in the Glarnerland. The fact that it is lead by the 4th generation of the family Oeschger pleased us as much as the quality of the beer. It is a point of honour that we pour out Adlerbräu. The innovative mind and the flexibility of the company let us even creat other projects together: We now offer fish nuggets in dark Adler Bräu beer batter.

more about Adlerbräu

azibene Lieferant - Adlerbräu

Café-Konditorei Müller

This family run pastry shop has been awarded several times for its innovative products and excellent quality. The 4th generation has taken over the business: 5 brothers help to expand the business and continue to produce top quality. We are glad to offer the high class ice cream with only freshest ingredients as well as different chocolate products.

more about Café-Konditorei Müller

Läderach Ennenda, chocolatier suisse

The well-known family company from the Glarnerland is committed to quality since the foundation by Rudolf Läderach in 1962. The competent confectioner and confiseur simplified the work of his colleges by the invention of the chocolate hollowball. This semifinished product raises the quality of truffes and simplifies their production. Continous advances and innovative products distinguish Läderach from others and we are glad to serve Läderach chocolates e.g. to the coffee.

more about Läderach

sagibeiz Lieferant - Läderach chocolatier suisse


We float on On clouds for you. The young, extremely innovative Swiss enterprise On developes and produces the lightest, full cushioned running shoes. The founders, ex-frontrunner Olivier Bernhard, his friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, connect the joy of running sports with the striving for perfect products, with which they won design and technologie awards. Quality and design from swiss hands, high comfort for our employees, developed from creative enthusiastic heads, what do we want more?

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